Paraunit 0.11: add Symfony 4 support, some refactoring and a fix

This is a republished tag announcement for facile-it/paraunit. You can find the release here.

This releases has nothing big on the outside, but a lot of code rework under the hood. The DI has been completely migrated from YAML to PHP (so no more symfony/yaml) and support for Symfony 4 has been added; also, a small bug has been fixed.

Here’s the full changelog:


  • Added support for Symfony 4


  • Migrated the whole DI configuration from YAML to PHP
  • Require at least jean85/pretty-package-versions 1.0.3 (see related #3)


  • When a test class is retried, previous tests are no longer shown/counted toward executed tests (#109).


  • Removed support for Symfony 2.7
  • Removed dependency from symfony/yaml