Paraunit 2.3.3: fix warning

I got a bug report saying that the Symfony PHPUnit Bridge 6.4.8 and 7.0.8 and higher made test runs with Paraunit fail due to a warning. At first I thought that the Symfony error handler was messing with PHPUnit’s again, but in reality it was just making explicit a warning that was already there for ages.

This simple patch avoids generating that warning, and makes your CI green again!

Symfony Messenger: the sharpest tool in your PHP toolbox

Talk presented at PHPDay 2024 (Verona)
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The PHP ecosystem is very rich and mature, and offers you a lot of stable and widely used tools, frameworks and libraries. Symfony evolved long ago from a monolithic framework into a collection of very useful and reliable components, but one component in particular (in my opinion) really stands out: Symfony Messenger.

In a single package, you have an easy way to dispatch messages and tasks to sync and async handling, with enough abstraction to support a variety of transports natively, and a long list of useful patterns already implemented and ready to be used out of the box.

Paraunit 2.3.2: fix files recap

I noticed that, since Paraunit 2, the recap at the end of the execution got very long. This was due to an improper serialization of the logs, where the test name was treated as a generic Test value object instead of a specific TestMethod one, where the class name is shown split form the method name.

MongoDB Messenger Transport 1.4.0

This new minor should just add support for Symfony 7, but in reality it contains a lot of work. The CI for this library wasn’t active for a long time, so a lot of issues and deprecations where making it fail…