MongoDB Messenger Transport 1.4.0

This new minor should just add support for Symfony 7, but in reality it contains a lot of work. The CI for this library wasn’t active for a long time, so a lot of issues and deprecations where making it fail…

DoctrineMySQLComeBack 3.0.0: DBAL 4 support

The facile-it/doctrine-mysql-come-back had a major release last year, and it included a lot of changes to support DBAL 3. Luckily, with DBAL 4, the amount of changes is a lot smaller, mainly signature changes. In short, all the changes done during the last major bump allowed us to not have to do much for this new release.

May thanks to @oleg-andreyev for doing the initial work and PR to kickstart this release.

Pretty Package Versions 2.0.6

This last small patch comes after more than 2 years from the last one, as a proof that this is a pretty stable package. In this case, most of the changes are not user facing (CI tests, new code style rules), but there’s also some improvements in the packaging, with the exclusion of some files from the distributed version.