Who am I

I’ve been a professional developer since 2010, after graduating with a masters degree in CS at UniCA, the University of Cagliari, but I was always involved with computers, writing my first lines of code at the age of twelve, and assembling PCs for years after that.

In the first few years after my degree I’ve worked in C++ on a topographic CAD, with a particular focus on a road design module, but after that I’ve switched career and I’ve embraced my main passion, high-quality backend PHP applications.

Working at Facile.it since 2014, I’ve had the possibility to expand my knowledge in Symfony, testing, OOP, Kanban and a lot more. I’ve also started there my first open source project and my first attempts as a speaker.

Using that as a stepping stone, I’ve started leading a team of remote developers, working on more projects, dabbling with Docker & Kubernetes, and getting involved with the PHP-FIG, where I currently hold the role of Secretary. I also help organizing the Milano PHP User Group (PUG MI) since 2017.

Deserved mentions

For all those fantastic things that I did and I continue doing in my career, I would like to thank my wonderful wife, for all the love, patience and time that she poured onto me and that allowed me to do everything. My beautiful son, which I am so grateful to have, because he helps me staying grounded and to love the small things in life. And my late father, a fellow developer, to have instilled in me this passion.