Open Source

Terminable Loop Command 1.2.1

This small new patch was needed because we discovered that PHP official Docker images override the STOPSIGNAL directive, using SIGQUIT instead of SIGTERM when shutting down a container. Thanks to Gabriele Colombera for providing the PR.

DoctrineMySQLComeBack 2.0.0: DBAL 3 support

The facile-it/doctrine-mysql-come-back was written long time ago by my colleague Luca Boeri, in an attempt to solve the infamous “MySQL server has gone away” error, and similar issues. It’s a simple Doctrine DBAL driver wrapper that catches relevant exceptions from the driver and attempts to reconnect to the database; this is pretty useful if your PHP script is doing something else between queries, and an aggressive timeout from the database truncates the connection in the meantime, due to the prolonged inactivity.

Paraunit 2.1.0: add --sort=random option

This new minor versions adds a new, small feature to support one small sorting option, the random one. This is useful to mix test execution, if you’re encountering deadlocks and performance bottlenecks due to the concentration of certain tests in some areas of your test suite.