Paraunit 2.0.0: PHPUnit 10 support and a big internal refactor

This is a republished tag announcement for facile-it/paraunit. You can find the release here.

This new major version has seen its inception a long time ago, on October 2021, and it went to sleep for a long time, since PHPUnit development was doing the same. After some additional attempts, I was finally able to complete this alongside the long-awaited release of PHPUnit 10.

All the changes in PHPUnit allowed me to finally bump the minimum PHP version to 8.1 (so that enums are now usable!) and do a big refactoring of internals, changing and simplifying the way tests outcome are handled. Also, I took the occasion to clean up all the additional options that were hard-coded, and add the --pass-through option as a viable alternative. The full changelog is small, the changes for the end user are small, but the code changes are a lot!


  • Support for PHPUnit 10
  • --pass-through option #194


  • The integration mechanic with PHPUnit has now changed, and it now leverages the new event system; to do that, Paraunit will need a bootstrap extension registered in the PHPUnit XML config; at the first run without it, Paraunit will ask if you want to add it automatically #186


  • Drop support for PHPUnit < 10