Paraunit 1.1.0: PHPUnit 9.1 and internal refactor

This is a republished tag announcement for facile-it/paraunit. You can find the release here.

As reported in the previous release, I was working on supporting PHPUnit 9. Today, PHPUnit 9.1 was released, and so I’ve released Paraunit 1.1.0, which supports only PHPUnit 9.1 and forward: this is due to the fact that the --printer option got deprecated, so I have to switch approach to have a working solution for the foreseeable future. In this case, I switched to using TestHook, and opted for a small refactor of how Paraunit fetches PHPUnit test results.

Here’s the full changelog of the release:


  • Add support for PHPUnit 9.1 #149


  • Large internal refactor from using PHPUnit’s --printer to TestHooks #149


  • Drop support for PHP <= 7.2 #149
  • Drop support for PHPUnit <= 9.0 #149