Paraunit 1.0.0-beta2: Pcov support

This is a republished tag announcement for facile-it/paraunit. You can find the release here.

I returned to develop some more on Paraunit in the last months, initially to add a few new compatibilities (PHP 7.4, Symfony 5), but then I spent some time to add support for Pcov as a coverage driver.

This new addition is pretty interesting, since it speeds up test execution with coverage collection a lot, making it nearly as fast as without coverage. Try it out!

This is the full changelog for this second beta release:


  • Add support for PHP 7.4
  • Add support for Symfony 5
  • Add support for ext-pcov as a coverage driver #146


  • Update PHPStan to 0.12 #145
  • Prefer Pcov or Xdebug over PHPDBG as coverage driver #146