MongoDB Messenger Transport 1.3.0

This is a republished tag announcement for facile-it/mongodb-messenger-transport. You can find the release here.

This new minor adds the resettable option to the transport, so that you can disable it if you need to inspect the transport during tests. This is due to the fact that under Symfony 5.3, if a service implements the ResetInterface (as our transport does), the reset method gets automatically invoked at kernel shutdown, which happens after using the Symfony test client (KernelBrowser).

This is the full changelog:

  • Force typeMap['root'] to BSONDocument (#8)
  • Add resettable option to add the choice of having a transport that does not implement ResetInterface (#10); default is true for BC, but it should be a possible fix for tests under Symfony 5.3 that wipe the queue due to that.