API contracts: Leveraging OpenAPI during API development

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Scrivere API è il pane quotidiano di noi sviluppatori web: ormai sono il tassello fondamentale che non manca mai, da colonna portante dei frontend a meccanismo di comunicazione indispensabile tra applicazioni differenti.

Ma come possiamo semplificare lo sviluppo di una API e comunicare con l’esterno come questa API funziona?

My Symfony functional testing toolbox

Talk presented at SFDay 2020 (Online)
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When testing the PHP side of a Symfony application, tests are normally split into unit and functional: the former do not need anything in addition to some proficiency, due to their small size and isolated execution; the latter instead are more complex, slower and sometimes more brittle, because they use more components, and they involve the framework and the libraries used to build the app.

Kubernetes for PHP developers

Talk presented at PHPDay 2020 (Online)
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Docker has slowly won the hearth of many developers as a good, flexible and reliable tool to build local environments for web apps, but containers in production were still a myth for a long time.

Now, with the advent of Kubernetes (k8s), deploying (PHP) applications with containers is the new shiny tool, but the huge amount of new concepts and technologies scares a lot of people away.