Pretty Package Versions 1.5.0

This is a republished tag announcement for jean85/pretty-package-versions. You can find the release here.

This release is intended to change the future release plan of this package. Please require the package with ^1.5 || ^2.0 to ensure full functionalities and future Composer 2 compatibility.


  • Add PrettyVersions::getRootPackageName as a compatibility layer to be used in place of PackageVersions\Versions::ROOT_PACKAGE_NAME, which would be a transient dependency (#23)
  • Add PrettyVersions::getRootPackageVersion, a shortcut to PrettyVersions::getVersion(PrettyVersions::getRootPackageName()) (#23)


  • Roll back to use composer/package-versions-deprecated as in 1.3 (see #21 & #22)